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A Shoot in Cleveland

The "shoot" is just getting underway, and the film's star is the movie industry's most notorious bad boy, Darren Anderson. Friedman hires Cleveland private investigator Milan Jacovich (it's pronounced My-lan Yock-ovich) to watch over the unruly young actor and keep him out of trouble. Milan, still suffering from the tragic loss of his friend, has no interest in moviemaking but signs on just to keep himself from going crazy brooding. Keeping Darren Anderson out of trouble is like keeping your hat dry during a downpour. He's too rich, too famous, too good-looking, and too young to handle it responsibly. When he's accused of seducing the fifteen-year-old daughter of a local furniture mogul, Milan gets disgusted and quits the job. But murder isn't far behind and suddenly Milan is elbow-deep in all sorts of things that have nothing to do with a Saturday afternoon at the movies. Les Roberts Softcover 304 pages

America's Polka King

Frankie Yankovic, the foremost musician in American polka history, never wanted to play it safe. His life was filled with triumphs, defeats, crises, and controversies. An uninhibited original, Yankovic earned his international reputation. Bob Dolgan Softcover 238 pages

Amy: My Search for Her Killer

In 1989, ten-year-old Amy Mihaljevic disappeared from Cleveland on her way home from school. Thousands of volunteers, police officers, and FBI agents searched for the girl. Tragically, Amy's body was discovered a few months later. Her killer was never found. Filled with mysterious riddles, incredible coincidences, and a cast of unusual but very real characters, this investigation quickly becomes a riveting journey in search of the truth. James Renner Hardcover 272 pages

Ask Hal

Hal Lebovitz reigned as a leading expert on baseball rules for more than four decades. Baseball provided the most frequent questions and often the most curious and confounding ones. But Hal was never stumped. This book collects the best and most entertaining questions and answers about baseball rules from four decades of "Ask Hal." Hal Lebovitz Softcover 192 pages

Barnaby and Me

One of the most beloved figures in Cleveland entertainment history, Linn Sheldon enchanted children and charmed parents for decades as Barnaby, the master storyteller, Now he shares his own extraordinary life story. From a Dickensian childhood in Norwalk, Ohio, to Hollywood and back, Sheldon's odyssey includes a pioneering role in television, celebrity, personal tragedy and self-destruction, recovery, and reflection. A remarkable mix of melancholy, hilarity, irony, and warmth. Linn Sheldon Softcover 184 pages

Browns Scrapbook

In this series of memoirs, written shortly before his retirement, Heaton reminisces about the great players he got to know, like Jim Brown, Otto Graham, and Leroy Kelly; masterful head coach Paul Brown; colorful characters like equipment manager Morrie Kono; even notorious Browns rivals like Oilers' coach Jerry Glanville and Steelers' owner Art Rooney. He recalls the relaxed atmosphere of training camp at Hiram College, and shares tales of life on the road with the team Chuck Heaton Softcover 208 pages

Browns Town 1964

In this nostalgic look at Cleveland's last championship team, sportswriter Terry Pluto tells the remarkable story of the upstart AFC team's surprise success over the favored Baltimore Colts and the colorful players who made that whole season so memorable. Includes interviews with the players, including Jim Brown, Paul Warfield, Frank Ryan.
320 Pages, Soft Cover. Terry Pluto

Cemeteries of Northeast Ohio

Greatly expanded to include 120 cemeteries in 15 counties throughout Northeast Ohio. Takes history buffs on a journey through time to discover fascinating stories of Cleveland's most notable permanent residents, including celebrities, villains, patriarchs, and just plain folks. Gives details about where and when to visit, historical facts, oldest graves, religious and ethnic affiliation, and profiles of significant individuals buried or commemorated there. Vicki Blum Vigil Softcover 368 pages

Cleveland Christmas Memories

What made Christmas extra-special to a Cleveland kid? Come relive some of your fondest moments . . . Seeing Mr. Jingeling on TV or in person at Halle's. Gazing at the giant Sterling-Lindner tree. Stopping at Higbee's downstairs Frosty Bar for sweet relief after the long line to see Santa. Ice skating on Public Square. A dazzling and elegant Cleveland Orchestra concert at Severance Hall. Mouthwatering treats from Hough Bakery and traditional ethnic flavors from the local market. The brilliant holiday lighting display at GE's Nela Park . . .
by Gail Ghetia Bellamy Softcover 120 pages

Cleveland Cops

Listen in as dozens of cops (active and retired, young and old, from rookie to chief) tell about their most memorable moments patrolling the streets of Cleveland. The biggest arrests, the dumbest criminals, the funniest practical jokes, the most frightening calls ... Their stories will give you goose bumps on one page and make you laugh until you're gasping for breath on the next. Some hit like a punch in the gut, some will make you stop and wonder. John H. Tidyman Softcover 256 pages
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